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What do I need to bring with me to pick up my car? 

  • VEHICLES WILL ONLY BE RELEASED TO THE REGISTERED OWNER / LIEN-HOLDER.  If you are not the owner, you will not be granted access to the vehicle unless the owner provides Chariot with a notarized document giving permission to release the vehicle or its contents to another person. 
  • Abandoned Vehicle: release from police department, proof of ownership/registration & valid drivers license and insurance
  • Accident: release from police department, proof of ownership/registration, valid drivers license and insurance.      
  • Arrest: release from police department, two licensed drivers, proof of ownership/registration & valid insurance 
  • Relocated: vehicle driver must bring key for vehicle, valid drivers license
ALL vehicles must be paid for in full before entering storage facility.

What forms of payment do you accept? 

All services can be paid for by cash or credit / debit card.
All credit / debit card transactions will be charged a 4% fee.
The credit / debit card must be present and must be from the vehicle owner. ​

Do you accept insurance company payments?

Most major insurance company payments accepted on accident vehicles only.
Do you accept motor club cards for payment?
We do not accept any motor club cards for payment, nor can we bill a motor club for a tow.  
Can I have my own tow company come to retrieve my car from the storage facility?
Yes, but the towing provider must have worker's compensation insurance to come on the property.  If the towing provider can not provide a copy of the insurance, Chariot will offer to tow the vehicle off the property for a fee. 
Illinois Law, 625 ILCS 5/12-606 states:

4) In case of injury to or occupational illness of the tow truck driver or helper, workers compensation insurance meeting the minimum requirements of the Workers' Compensation Act.

Any such bond or policy shall be issued only by a bonding or insuring firm authorized to do business as such in the State of Illinois, and a certificate of such bond or policy shall be carried in the cab of each tow-truck.

Have a question that is not answered?  Please call us.  

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