Due to the recent events and uncertainty with the COVID-19 Virus, Chariot Automotive & Towing will be implementing new policies to its towing procedures and office services until such time when the virus is under control and quarantines are no longer in effect.  Chariot Automotive is an essential service to the community, our police agencies and needs to take safety measures in order to continue to provide our agencies with 24-Hour emergency towing. 
Chariot Automotive will be modifying its office hours to reduce the risk of exposure to our dispatchers and office help.  Beginning immediately, Chariot’s new office hours will be:
Monday – Friday                               8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Saturday                                             8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Sunday                                               CLOSED / By appointment only if applicable
Chariot will modify its policy on releasing a vehicle to an insurance company from an accident.  Our new policy will allow vehicle owners to email Chariot a copy of their license, insurance card or registration with a small statement giving permission for their vehicle to be released to their insurance company.  This policy change does not include police departments that require vehicle owners to obtain a release form.
If you are not on the vehicle's registration, your email will not be accepted!
All documents can be emailed to
Chariot will modify its policy on vehicle owners obtaining personal items from their vehicle.  Our new policy limits the items to be removed to MEDICAL, PERISHABLE, PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION, HOUSE KEYS, GARAGE DOOR OPENERS, BABY STROLLERS / CAR SEATS.  Vehicle owners will need to pay for the towing and storage fees in full before entering the storage area or have their insurance company email Chariot with a letter stating that your insurance company will be paying for all towing and storage charges.  All documents can be emailed to 
Chariot realizes that this is not ideal for some customers, but it is the only option to keep our employees healthy and safe.  When the virus is under control, Chariot will return to its normal operations. 
Thank you for your understanding on these changes.  Best of luck during this time of hardship. 
Chariot Automotive & Towing